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Is Dratini really worth the trouble of training in Pokemon White?

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I'm thinking about getting a Dratini and I want to know if it is worth the training, (IT EVOLVES ON LEVEL 30 THEN 55!), and is it worth kicking out one of these Pokemon?

If so then which one should I store in my PC?

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2 Answers

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It´s NOT worth. I have rate your teams a lot of times and they are really good.

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thanks for the answer Super Serperior
Can't you catch level 55 dratini using the super rod?

MUCHO love.
a Freaking flygon.
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If you have time level it up i haved time to and it is now a dragonite level 100 thats knows surf, fly, draco metour,(sorry if misspelled) and tunderbolt(sorry again) and its my stongest pokemon

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not a good moveset though