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will Pokemon die if they reach a high lvl, because my stoutland is lvl 91 and I'm scared that he will die of old age or high lvl

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Lol thats funny XD
Grandpa Stoutland is gonna die? D:
I'm sorry but Pokémon can't die. Lol, I can't stop laughing xD Sorry...

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Idk where you go that idea, but no.

Pokemon that reach L100 just can't gain experience anymore. Pokemon death is never seen in the game or anime, only referred to by things like Celestial Tower in Gen V or the House of Memories in Gen IV.

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Celebi didn't exist in Gen 1 lol.
That was the reason I said 'really really old game'. Mooooo. :(
Lol XD durp
i get that idea because, oh look in one the early games theres a place for dead pokemon
Those Pokemon passed from old age. Level does not equate age, and nothing in any game "ages" anyway.