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I love Jolteon and I am catching Eevees in Black 2 to find one with high IVs. But If Eevees/Jolteons tend to have low IVs I may reconsider the time spent.

I like this question :) ^ one vote up(or maybe one vote down from April Fools, whatever).

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No, Certain Pokemon will not have particularly high or low IV's. All IVs are random and it does not matter which Pokemon. You may have one eevee with perfect IV's or one with awful IV's or with medium IV's. IV's are random for any Pokemon and no species of Pokemon have better IV's than others. So you dont have to reconsider Jolteon. If you want to find if your eevee's IVs are good, then talk to the man in gear station near the entrance and he will tell you how good the IVs are and if you dont like them, just catch another.
And BTW I love Jolteon also <3

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