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My theory is that the reason Ash doesn't nickname his Pokémon is because the creators don't want to confuse new viewers, as a result they make Ash keep the original Pokémon's names so the target audience isn't overwhelmed with all this new stuff and are put off.

This might be a wild theory but then again...It may be true :)

This isn't even close to a wild theory, it makes perfect sense and is most likely the real reason as they're trying to promote the games and get kids into all the Pokemon and stuff. :)
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Most likely because GAMEFREAK doesnt want the viewers to think that Chimchar is called Joe. That is theoretically of course :D

Hope I helped!!!

PS: This Is Just an idea.

Just an idea that adam had. And 31 minutes sooner
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Ash is a mostly anime character, so they don't want to change the names because people will be confused.

Answered 7 hours ago.