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His Snivy would be way stronger if it was a Servine. Same thing with Oshawott!

I'm not sure that flag was necessary.
Ash doesn't evolve them. Plus, it would learn moves a lot faster in it's first form, if that part of the game mechanics were in the anime. ;3

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Ash lets his own Pokemon choose when they want to evolve, not by level. We learned this way back in Vermilion City, Kanto [when he fought Lieutenant Surge][1], and he lost. He offered Pikachu a Thunderstone to evolve but Pikachu declined.

Quite Apparently, Snivy and Oshawott do not want to evolve yet.

Plot Quotes from Bulbapedia on that episode:

"Later, at the Pokémon Center, Pikachu awakens, and Ash is glad to see that it is okay. Pikachu, however, is upset to have been beaten so badly by Raichu. Ash is convinced they can win if Pikachu tries harder, but Misty opines that Pikachu was already trying as hard as it could the last time.

Nurse Joy interrupts, saying there might be a way Pikachu can win. She walks in, revealing that she has come across a Thunder Stone. With it, Ash could evolve his Pikachu into a Raichu as well. Brock warns him to think hard about this, because once he evolves Pikachu, there's no way to change it back.


Pikachu stands up and whacks away the Thunder Stone with its tail. Pikachu then goes into a tirade, which moves even Meowth to tears. Meowth explains that Pikachu doesn't want to change; it wants to battle Lt. Surge again, but as a Pikachu; it wants to win in the name of all Pikachu everywhere. This moves James to tears, who says that it is beautiful."

[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/EP014

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I'm guessing that Pikachu didn't want to evolve because he was enraged by Lt. Surge's insults of which I did not include.
Raichu's to fat to battle with.
Pikachu is given another option to evolve in one of the more recent seasons (i can't remember which one exactly) and refuses again.
Is that so? Well, I got bored of the anime after the first-and-a-half season and I went to strictly video games. I only know this cause I read it somewhere else. Except for the episode synopsis.
LoL, Pika. He does look fat.
Gen 4 MeloettaMelody, he was battling Raichu.
meloettamelody it was also after a loss to a raichu.
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Ash doesn't force any of his Pokemon to evolve. He let's them evolve when they want to, and neither Snivy nor Oshawott have ever shown any inclination to evolving yet. Personally I doubt the creators will ever let them evolve, because both have so much character as they are (especially Oshawott). Ash doen't actually believe that evolution makes a Pokemon stronger either: he believes that working hard and creating close bonds of friendship with them is enough. Look at Bulbasaur for example: he is arguably one of Ash's stronger Pokemon (I certainly wouldn't say the strongest though) and he has never evolved.

You made a good answer as well.
like bulbasaur started evolving but it tried its hardest not to.