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I was wondering why Ash doesnt age in the Anime hes always 10 he seems to get older but then he gets younger at the beginning of the Anime

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Because characters in cartoons almost never age. Simple as that, really.

Usually the reason for that is no one expects a TV show to last for more than a few years so they don't bother ageing the characters. Look at The Simpsons - that's been going for 21 years now and the characters haven't aged.

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I saw Beyblade which is a cartoon and the people aged into their 40s
Beyblade isn't Pokemon.
Fine you want logic? Here you go.

This is from Ho-oh's black and white pokedex entry: "It is said that those who see Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness."

Ash saw Ho-oh on the first day of his journey and multiple times since. There are two key words above, eternal and happiness. What makes Ash happy? His pokemon journey, or his quest to become a pokemon master, and all the fun things that happen along the way. This happiness will last forever, or be eternal. This is why Ash has been on a pokemon journey for such a long time and does not age. He finds happiness in his journey, and his journey will be eternal (i.e. he will not age).

This is the only logical answer I can think of, other than the real one "he's a cartoon character". Just my two cents, and this is not my original idea.
True dat.
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I think what if Ash got a longer date like hes date of birth is December 21th that could be why he still 10

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Yet he doesn't look a day under 14, ( compare to brock forex.)
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Well if you noticed that his looks doesn't change BUT!! His voice does, and I guess that means he did get older. (I like the younger version of Ash better. By which I mean by his voice)

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"Her" voice. :) Ash's  original actor was a woman i believe.
yea you're right....
it still is!
It is? I know Pikachu has a girl voice but ash too?