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I saw a picture of Ash with the professor and they were both wearing the mask. So....

You could just watch the episode and find out.
I don't think it's aired in the US yet. Also, Sun and Moon series sucks.
Wait, kukui is the masked Royale? My life is a lie...
@stjohnpeyton17, That's what subtitles are for. Also, I think the Sun and Moon anime sucks too, but sometimes it can be interesting.
Why would kukui be the masked Royale... They look nothing alike. You people need to stop making false connections.
Aw...but, It's true. He are the Masked Royal are one in the same.
+The Lonely Pikachu
My cousin found out something AMAZING while I was done with Pokémon Sun, there is a photo with Kukui and Burnet, and *gasp* in Kukui's closet there is a masked royal mask. Kukui wanting to have that mask in game instead of molayne giving it to the masked royal. owo, what's this

And SM anime is amazing! Though, I hate the 'funny' moments, because Olivia just falling isn't fun at all isn't it.
Does it count if someone other than Ash finds out? SPOILER ALERT: Faba finds out about Kukui's secret.

Source: https://serebii.net/anime/pictures/sunmoon/1033ps2.shtml

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In the actual episode, Ash's Torracat steps in when they see The masked Royal's opponent's are cheating. Professor Burnet invites Kukui to the match, so he makes up an excuse to get away so he can participate in the match.

Ash doesn't actually discover Kukui's secret identity during the match though. He gives Ash a mask and Ash becomes his partner, so Kukui and Ash have a tag battle with Incineroar and Torracat. Torracat even learns a new move in revenge! It's a pretty solid episode.

But as of the time of this post, Ash doesn't know kukui's secret identity. Kukui hasn't even told his wife. Funnily enough, Faba of all people discovers his identity in episode 90.

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Burnet's game counterpart is a pretty bright spark, though. She makes it seem like it was so obvious, and it's the man she's presumably in love with, so, she knows. Ash on the other hand...
There are some lines in the game that imply she doesn't know either. It's pretty much supposed to be a joke.
Just a joke.
Thank you!
Ashes Litten sniffed The Masked Royal and recognized him as Kukui on the episode where the Battle Royale Dome debuted.
Burnet could easily look at Kukui's clothes. The literal only thing there is it's mask, lol.
In the anime, it actually does come up because Ash finds Kukui's mask in the laundry, but he assumes it's a fan mask because other people wear them too.
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Since all of the Sun and Moon Series are released, I guess I'll update this.

The following may contain spoilers for the Sun and Moon series. Please, please, please read at your own risk.

Ash did find out that Professor Kukui is the Masked Royal in SM Episode 140, Z-Move Showdown.

With Naganadel's help, Royal was able to help Ash perform a double Gigavolt Havoc that sent Guzzlord through Naganadel's Ultra Wormhole and back into Ultra Space. However, the shock-wave caused by the Z-Moves and Guzzlord's attack colliding caused the Royal's mask to be blown away, revealing his true identity to Ash.

Source (Again, please read at your own risk.)


Hope this helps.