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If you're referring to Champions as in League Champions Ash battled;
Alder in Ash Versus the Champion! (BW052) (Alder forfeits)
Cynthia in Malice In Wonderland! (DP043) (Ash wins)
^This was actually just a dream caused by Mismagius but close enough :P technically battled
Drake in Hello, Pummelo! and Enter The Dragonite (Ash wins)

Champions as in Conference champions Ash has battled;
Tyson in Choose It or Lose It! and At The End of the Fray! (Ash loses)
Tobias in The Semi-Final Frontier! (Ash loses)

He has met all the other champions but never battled them.

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Ash has never battled a champion other than the Orange League champion Drake in episode 112 Season 2.

Edit: He battled Alder in season 15 episode 4. Sorry!