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I saw a picture on Facebook of Brock and Ash and Brock shouts at Ash for using a masterball on a Rattata. By the sounds of it it sounds fake and the pictures were re-captioned, but it looks real too. IS there ever an episode where Ash uses a masterball? Or even better which episode is it and which other episodes involve the use of a masterball, other than "Beauty And The Beach"

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No, Ash has never used or owned a Master Ball.
The only character in the Anime who owned a Master ball was a fisherman named Sullivan in the episode Whiscash and Ash where he threw the Master ball in an attempt to catch Nero, an oversized Whiscash (Nero just ate the Master ball :O)
The Master balls in episodes like Beauty and the Beach are not actual Master balls - rather just items modeled to look like Master balls (eg. beach balls with master ball design)
Anyway yeah the caption has been edited :P

Shuckles.I mean Master Balls.

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Nope. He doesn't use a Master Ball according to Bulbapedia.
> The Master Ball first appeared in Beauty and the Beach, and again in A Hot Water Battle. However, the Master Ball in these episodes was not an actual Master Ball; rather, it was a beach ball owned by Misty, which had been decorated to look like a Master Ball. Another Master Ball appeared in The Song of Jigglypuff; again, this was not an actual Master Ball, but on a billboard on a building.
An actual Master Ball made its only true appearance in Whiscash and Ash.

So the only real Master Ball made an appearance in the episode Whiscash and Ash where Ash didn't actually use it. The other appearances in Beauty and the Beach, A Hot Water Battle, and The Song of Jigglypuff were not Master Balls, but a Beach Ball owned by Misty colored to look like one and on a bill board in Neon Town.