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In the Episode Glory Blaze! Paul just open its pokeball to release chimchar and then in the next episode ash easily caught chimchar which means its wild if its got out of the ball, so does that mean Ash's pikachu is wild?

I'm pretty sure a Pokemon isn't released unless its trainer says so.
i would say not, since it still has a poke ball just does not like to go in it so ash does not make him.
is there a button or something

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Ash's Pikachu is not wild, because Ash still owns Pikachu's Pokeball. Pikachu decides to stay out of the Pokeball because he hates being inside of it. That's been covered multiple times in the anime.

With the logic you've given, any Pokémon that's out of a Pokeball could be caught by another trainer, which isn't possible. That is, unless the Pokémon is released or the Pokeball is destroyed, like Paul's Chimchar, or Jessie's Dustox.

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I recall there being one episode where Ash saw a Pokemon by itself and tried to catch it, and it failed because it already belonged to a trainer. Not sure though, but from what I remember Pokemon who have a pokeball are unable to be caught under normal circumstances (an abnormal situation would be like in the mewtwo movie, where mewtwo has special pokeballs that can catch trainers' pokemon).
think it was a charmander
how about charmander