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What's going on in the series?
He should be able to defeat Pokemon that are weak with just one shot only. He's so powerful. What's going on, he lost a battle to Trip's Snivy which was a starter

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Why he didn't age at all he more like 17yrs old

Pikachu should be a lot stronger able to defeat many pokemon or at least take plenty of attacks
I agree that it would not be a very interesting tv show if pikachu won every battle. But loosing to starter pokemon is ridiculous. The tradition of Japanese anime is for the protagonist to loose a few battles until they manage to find a way to defeat the new enemies. But those enemies grow with the character. You don't see Naruto having trouble with people who are on the same level as the people he faced in the first season, you see him having trouble with Madara. You don't see Natsu (Fairy Tail) having problems with a Vulcan in the new series, you see him fighting a freakin dragon. Similarly Pikachu should be being defeated by people with Dragonites, or other strong final evolutions, not the new region's beginner equivalent of the same pokemon he has beat a hundred times by now.
truesilver got it in one...  Ash (Satoshi) should be impossible for new trainers to defeat, and as gian94 said he should've aged as well. Could be a running gag if they insist on keeping his height and appearance though...

"I might not look it but... I'm 17 years old. (insert exasperated sigh)"

... or something along those lines.

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Well Pikachu should be strong considering how long Ash has had and trained him. But Ash also shouldn't still be 10. Clearly the Pokémon anime has no regard for logic. Questioning how unreasonable aspects of the show are is ridiculous.

But to answer your question Pikachu isn't super powerful because if Pikachu were much stronger than all of it's competition, as it should logically be, then the show wouldn't be very exciting.

Would you be entertained to watch Pikachu take down every enemy with a single move?

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Why he didn't age at all he more like 17yrs old

Pikachu should be a lot stronger able to defeat many pokemon or at least take plenty of attacks
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Ash and Pikachu broke the rules of logic space and time
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First thing you have to understand is the anime and the games aren't the same thing. The game's logic does not apply in the Pokemon anime; think of it as an alternate version of the games. So why does Ash's Pikachu lose to weak Pokemon? It's all to keep the anime interesting.

Would the anime be interesting if Ash wrecked everything in his way with his Pikachu? I sure wouldn't think so. They make Ash lose to make it interesting, and to add movite to Ash's next fight. The fact Ash lost to Trip and not some random guy he meets is another strategic element added by the anime writers; Trip acts as Ash's rival, and Trip beating him in the first fight will justify the rivalry and make it more appealing.

I've said many times before, the anime writers care more about their audience than how logical the show is for how similar it is to the games.

My answer is totally outclassed.
Nah. Yours doesn't overuse the word 'interesting' like mine does xP
You said 'interesting' 3 times