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These become endless long-running "gags", but they never seem to have a notable beginning (or end).

What are the debut episodes for each time:
-Misty started pulling Brock's ear
-Max started pulling Brock's ear
-Croagunk became difficult

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Every time when I used to watch Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region, I'd say " What the hell, Croagunk!?" after I see Brock fall and Croagunk pulls him away.
Does this question mean we can say the first time misty ear-pulled Brock, or the first time max ear-pulled brock, or the first time croagunk poison-jabbed Brock, or  the first time any of these things happened?
All of the above.

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episode 332 "Maxxed Out!" is the first time Max pulled Brock's ear,in episode 317 "The Princess and the Togepi" Max and May meet Misty for the first time and while she's visiting Misty pulls Brock's ear when he meets the princess so Max picks up the habit.

episode 472 "Gymbaliar!" Jessie of team rocket was Croagunk's original trainer but Croagunk was so creepy Jessie left it behind in the escape. Brock felt bad for it and captured it, after that he went to say good bye to a girl they encountered during the episode when Croagunk pops out of the pokeball and poison jabs him.

i will edit the answer when I find the correct episode for misty, sorry.

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Well that proves it. Max is pure impressionable. When Mist is a better role model than Ash, you know there's a problem. Meanwhile, Ash is just the nice guy when Max is at his worst (everyone else is a trainer and he isn't, Ralts, Jirachi, end of AG journey).

You travel with Ash and Brock, but you wanna take after Misty!?
Max take after Brock actually. but everyone was getting tired of Brock's romance routine so Max stepped up
After Misty snuck her ginger self into AG and taught Max how to be rude.
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Season 2 Ep 15: Lights, Camera, Quack-tion! -> First time Misty pulls Brock's ear.