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There's Mikey from "The Battling Eevee Brothers" and Max from "A Real Cleffa-Hanger".


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Ash broke her bike.

Nuff said.

Would you be nice to someone who broke your bike and never ended up paying for it?
Also she probably has a soft spot for younger children.
Misty's the youngest of her siblings, so she probably likes younger kids as well :I. Something like that. C:.

i lol so hard every time she brings up that xD
Then I guess why can call Misty a biased hypocrite.

But I don't why she suddenly becomes nicer, especially when she can snap back anytime and we'll all  be screwed.

I'm just glad she's gone now and I wish people would mentioning her/stop tempting the writers to bring her back.
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its the same reason kids somtimes make fun of the opposite gender .... they have a crush on them and are irritated with themselves for feeling that way and take it out on said crush.......
like how in diamond and pearl kenny calls dawn dd knowing it irratates her, or drew and mays love hate relationship......

signed a dense 13 year old

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Mash doesn't exist and never will.
Thank goodness, we don't need any relationships in the Pokemon Anime. >.<
It's always fun shipping though. xD
No offense but its called poke shipping and in the  manta poke shipping is cannon just Rex didn't return her feelings besides I gave up poke shipping in favor of am our shipping
Misty is like Elmyra:
-No one is safe
-Lover of creatures
-Prone to cause physical harm
-A duck has had at least one unpleasant experience with them.
-No adult manages to correct her when she goes out of bounds
-Have gained some fame on Saturday mornings.
-Highly persistent in what they do and want to do.