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Also why does she always seem angry at ash and why is she like only a water type collector???


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Misty is a girl and stereotypically girls are afraid of bugs, so that covers that matter. In the games, but anime especially many trainers only train 1 type of pokemon, in Misty's case water, which explains why she's the water gym leader. She's angry at Ash due to Misty trying to be rational and Ash always acting bold, and curious to find new pokemon or investigate things.

i don't think that's right. the anger part, I mean. they fight because they care about each other, in the words of Nurse Joy. also, Misty sometimes does get along with Ash, as seen in Pokemon: The Movie 2000. She rescued him from drowning. when Melody, who liked Ash, wanted to save him, Misty said no, and also said "Ash is never really alone because he's got...me." that doesn't sound like someone who hates Ash.
Girls aren't always afraid of bugs! My favorite animal is a Tarantula and I have two!
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