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I doubt it, he doesnt show any signs of it (that i know of) and hes at least five or four years older
Haha no he seems to have a thing for more mature and older women such as Nurse Joy and other girls he meets
Simple answer: the guy's not a paedophile. He prefers women who are mature and all that.
no way. besides they would kill him in a battle. (everyone he met would.)
If anyone is asking, the these answers came several hours after the first. A few minutes or maybe even an hour is fine, but not several hours. They didn't add any real information either, unlike the latest answer which added detail, which is why I let that one.  The other ones were both several hours late and didn't add an new or relevant information.

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Apparently all the answers have vanished

As of the start of the anime, Brock was 15. He may be 16-17, but since no one ages in the anime, it is hard to tell.

Misty and May are both 10-12 (again, we can't tell we can't tell the passing of time in the anime).

In the anime, Brock acts towards Ash, Misty, May, Dawn, etc. as a caretaker or older brother. He is also more interested in Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny or any other characters he falls in love with, and doesn't show any sign of being in love with May or Misty.

Also, the anime is a show for kids, and Brock's behaviour is most likely just for humour. I doubt they would make him fall in love with any of Ash's travelling companions, as it might be taken as inappropriate.

So, to conclude, I would think no.

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The answer is no, probably because he is 15 and both Misty and May are 10, Brock mainly shows interests in women that are older than him, which usually explains his awkwardness around them, and probably because Misty scared him and May isn't very mature.

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