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Or do they like him?


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"http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shipping:PokéShipping Really, of all of the connections between Ash and other characters, this is the most widely believed. Ash has the possibility of becoming a pimp if a career as a Pokemon Trainer doesn't work out (and how does thaat work out? In the games it makes sense, but I haven't seen much of an exchange of money for winning battles.)"

From here:http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/38003/in-the-anime-#2-do-misty-and-ash-have-any-love-connection

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il tell you how it works out, he gets a honchcrow
Whenever brok says to ash and misty they love each other  they get shy and angry. So they may have crush with each other
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Yes and no, Ash doesn't have a crush on any girl, when it comes to girls he's a completely oblivious.
There was one girl who really liked Ash (in Battle Frontier), Annabel, but he didn't even know she was a girl until she said she wanted to change her clothes.

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Actually, Misty had a crush on Ash and he had a crush on her but she had to go back to her hometown to be the Gym Leader. In the first place, Misty only went with Ash so she could get her bike back so when he fixed her bike, she had no reason to follow him anymore and she had to go home.

And Ash lived happily ever after (is what I would say if he didn't blow Hoenn, blow Sinnoh, and Best Wishes happened). But things could've been worse. Traveling with both Iris AND Misty, along with Cilan.