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Ash has a Shiny Noctowl. But does he even know it's a Shiny? When he first saw it, did he go "Wow, that Noctowl looks different than the others!" Or in the episode with Winona's Swellow, did he notice then? What about Claire's Shiny Druddigon? I've never watched the anime, so I don't really know.



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I think we all know by now that Ash is a "little" stupid.

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Not exactly. He just sees's them, and he's like: "OMG that's a really different color version of [insert Pokemon's Name here]!" And then when he gets used to it, he's going to say: "Meh, it might be a different color than [Pokemon's Name], but I'm not going to catch it, I'll just let it be free."

In short, Ash never acknowledge shinies, partly because I think 1) He doesn't know what a shiny is when he's seen one, and 2) He doesn't care what color the Pokemon is, although he just wants to make friends with it or somewhat such.

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the shiny druddigon belongs to Claire
Ash doesn't particularly care about unique colored Pokemon, but team rocket does, as seen when James is curious about the metagross