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Ash’s pikachu is used a lot in battle. But besides Ash’s Pikachu, which Pokémon has he used the most?
(Counting every region)

I’ll take a guess at his Charizard, but I’m not quite sure
Maybe, but Charizard left for quite a few episodes back in kanto
My guess would be squirtle or bulbasaur because he got them early in Indigo League, used them in the first part of Johto and sometimes in other regions as well.
This video shows all ashes Pokemon from gen 1-7. Bulbasaur and Charizard seem to be the two most used, bulbsaur was used a bit more through Kanto and the orange islands, bulbasaur was also used a bit more during jhoto.
The hoenn Kanto battles(forgot what it's called 0w0) Charizard was used slightly more than bulbasaur but not enough nearly enough to make up for jhoto and Kanto.
Non of them were used until unova where Charizard appeared on a island after ash completed the unova league, but Charizard is only there for a little while tho so I'm not sure but it's either bulbasaur or Charizard I kinda think it's more bulbasaur but could be wrong :D

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It's bulbasaur.
If we don't count the galar region anime,(because it's not English dubbed/subbed yet), it has to be bulbasaur. A round of applause to the people who commented on the question to short list it for me!(applauses....)
Let's see how :
1st it has to be a kanto caught Pokémon as they only have the most apperances.
2nd it has to be Charizard/squritle/bulbasaur as they were present for more than 1 region and appeared other times than that.
Than squirtle is out coz it went away to be with his squirtle squad and then Charizard needed to become powerful so he decided to stay in Charizard valley. Only bulbasaur stuck on to ash almost till the end of jhoto journeys. Then they all come back in battle frontier series to beat last frontier brain and go away after beating him. Lastly Charizard appears in Unova and I think bulbasaur came back once in Alola(I'm totally not sure about this one, tell me if it's wrong).
Bulbasaur comes or not doesn't matter cause Charizard came for just 1 episode so it's not enough to cover almost half of region adventure.
Source: my experience and comments to reconfirm my knowledge. Again a round of applause to the people who commented on the question!(applauses....)
Hope I helped!

I think the asker meant used in battle. Ash didn’t use bulbasaur in battle a whole lot