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I've been hearing this term quite often, and l wanted to know why Snivy is sometimes called "Smugleaf".

I've never ever heard anyone ever call snivy, smugleaf.
Rio, watch j-wittz video on how he plays black 2 pt1 he names his snivy smugleaf https://youtube.com

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From bulbapedia

Shortly after its release, much like
many other Generation V Pokémon newly
introduced, Snivy received the
fan-made moniker, "Smugleaf". This
name was picked up on and published in
an article on video gaming-focused
blog Kotaku and later in an issue of
Official Nintendo Magazine Australia
and New Zealand, as well as its United
Kingdom counterpart.

This is how it became popular. The name likely came from its smug look, and the fact that it is a Grass type.

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Smugleaf is the fan made name given to Snivy before its Japanese name was revealed by Kotaku.

"Due to his half-closed eyes and apparent smirk, the green starter is quickly becoming known as “Smugleaf” or “Grinleaf” by English-speaking fans.“Smugleaf is the new trollface!” is a new rallying cry, referencing the face a person might put on while trolling on a forum. And looking at that new Pokémon’s self-contented grin, it isn’t hard to see the appeal."