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I'd say extremely difficult due to the sheer number of Dragon-types in the game. But, if people can do Shedinja and Wynaut solo runs, it's possible.
Why dragon types?
Because there's a lot of them and Grass attacks do very, very little damage against them, and most of them pose a massive threat to Serperior (Kyurem fusions, Hydreigon). The only SE moves Serperior gets against them are HP Ice/Dragon and Dragon Tail.
oh ok. but I want to know how tough it is to do a snivy solo run.
Oh you mean JUST Snivy.
Even harder because no Dragon Tail.
If you're up to a ton of grinding I guess you could do it, probably would be less difficult and more tedious though, because ingame skill isn't as important and you could just overlevel
Audinos forever UGH

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It would probably be very hard to do a Snivy solo run in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 because of the champion Iris' Archeops that keeps using Acrobatics on my Pokemon. See, the Archeops has no item, so, as the definition for Acrobatics says: "it does massive damage" especially to grass types.

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Acrobatics only inflicts massive damage when the user is not holding an item not by itself alone.