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I'm solo-running Firered with just my Bulbasuar, "Buddy" for company (Although he has recently evolved into Ivysaur). Brock mentioned using HMs (Specifically, flash) when I got the Boulder Badge, and I suddenly realized that the Bulbasuar line can hardly learn any HMs, definitely not enough to beat the game. Am I allowed slaves in my party, as long as they never battle?

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I'm pretty sure you need HM slaves because no one Pokemon can know all 8 HM moves.
That is why it's technically impossible to beat a pokemon game without catching a pokemon. except Sun/Moon, i Guess.
Well then you just answered your own question.
Oookaaaay.... Do I post an answer and BA myself then?

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A solo-run is essentially a version of the game where you invent your own rules to follow. Therefore, if you decide that having HM Slaves is perfectly legal, then that is just another rule you have imposed. Of course, in a game like FireRed, where you absolutely need certain HMs to proceed, most people would agree that HM Slaves are really the only way to get through the game in a solo run.

Even if the Pokemon you are using is a Mew, you will not want its moveset to be Cut, Flash, Surf, and Strength. That is boring and not fun, even if you can technically get through the game only using that Mew.

So in other words, I would definitely recommend using HM Slaves in your solo run. However, they should not battle - that kind of defeats the point of a solo run.

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If cut, surf, and strength are the only required HMs in the whole game, then it can be solo'd by a Nidoran (either gender).
are those the only one required? I know Fly is not compulsary. I don't think you need Waterfall, Dive, or Rock Smash to complete it, either, but I am less sure about that. It has been a while since I played FireRed.
Fly is too good to not have, and I'm solo running Bulbasaur