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Need a good hm slave for platinum.

Thank you

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Bibarel is the best HM slave the game has ever seen, and you can get Bidoof the second you start the playthrough.

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My source shows that a lot of people agree on four good HM users: Bibarel, Skarmory, Tropius, and Rhydon. Bibarel is the easiest to obtain, and it can learn Cut, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall, and Rock Climb. Tropius and Skarmory can learn Fly, and Rhydon does anything that the rest might not have move slots for.

TL;DR: Bibarel, a second Bibarel, Skarmory, Rhydon (if you don't have the second Bibarel), and/or Tropius.

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Why would you use Bibarel and Rhydon when you can use 2 Bibarels? Why would you use Skarmory when you can use Smeargle?
Smeargle would take more effort than Skarmory, because it only learns Sketch. Skarmory can learn Fly by just using a TM. Ryhdon was for the sake of variety, but I suppose another Bibarel would be better.