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So just wondering what will be a good HM slave because I see none.

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I've Found a Few:
Carracosta can learn Strength, Dive, Surf, and Waterfall.
Swanna learns Fly, Surf, and Dive
Beartic learns Cut, Strength, Surf, and Dive.

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Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem are good because they learn Cut, Fly and Strength. But most people wouldn't want to use them for HM slaves!

Basculin learns Cut, Surf, Waterfall and Dive.
Golurk learns Fly, Strength and Flash (not an HM but useful in a few places!)
Jellicent learns Surf, Waterfall, Dive and Flash.

Unfortunately I can't find any that learn Fly, Strength and Waterfall which is the combo I want.

For the waterfall, fly, and strength combo, the only non-legendary that can learn those moves is Dragonite.
find it post-game in the bubbling water in dragonspiral tower