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trading snivy heartgold-soulsilver black-white-2k two in the ds and hg in the 3ds how do I do it? Does HG need to be finished like Black two does? I really want a snivy in Heart Gold My black two is done


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No, you cannot. I have asked a similar question about Oshawotts and SS.

Basically, there's no Snivys in the programming, so you cannot transfer them.

Also, it is impossible to trade backwards in Generations, the exceptions being between Gen 1 and Gen 2

Source: My similar question

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This is correct. You can not transfer Pokemon backwards a generation. And if you could you could not transfer Pokemon introduced after the game was released.
Iirc the exception is gen 1 and 2 but thats it
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Well people can see the comment, but yea i guess its a nice piece of info.
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This is impossible, because the only "communication" you can have between HG SS and Black and White is that you can transport HG SS Pokemon to BW games through a game called "Pokemon Transfer". You cannot do this trade in vice versa, sorry.