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Brock travelled all regions till Sinnoh with Ash although the females kept disappearing Misty , May , Dawn . All but brock always travelled with Ash where is he in b/w are there any episodes where brock reappears in black white

Back in Kanto region looking after his siblings and tendinto the gym =3
Or training as a breeder, idrk
It's been confirmed that Brock will show up in a BW episode airing September 26th in Japan.
From the magazine Famitsu. Look at Serebii's front page.

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Apparently Brock left in Gen 4 to become a Pokemon Doctor, which meant he had to stop travelling with Ash. Personally I don't see why Nintendo would want to get rid of him, because personally I think the Cilan dude is a ridiculous replacement, but that's beside the point. But there are rumors around that say that when Ash gets back to Kanto, Brock will be there.

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The last time we saw Brock was the finale episode of "Sinnoh League Victors", where he returned back to his home town to achieve his revealed goal of becoming a Pokémon Doctor, he obviously decided he had done enough travelling and to finally settle down.

Maybe the creators thought the audience had seen enough of Brock and perhaps they wanted a change.

PWT Black 2... =3 u should add that in but not anime , did they do an anime for PWT?
Its cuz u said he wasnt in black & white games, thats why i mentioned pwt