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Because the more I have the faster I can level up my Pokemon.

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  • Route 2- HM Strength
  • Route 3 - Dowsing Machine and HM
  • Route 13 - Gift
  • Route 16 - HM Cut and Strength
  • Pinwheel Forest- Dowsing Machine
  • Lostorn Forest - HM Surf and Waterfall
  • Desert Resort - Dowsing Machine
  • Nimbasa City - Gift
  • Mistralton Cave - HM strength, TM Flash recommended
  • Chargestone Cave
  • Twist Mountain - Dowsing machine
  • Icirrus City - Winter Only
  • Anville Town - Gift
  • Victory Road
  • Abundant Shrine - HM Surf
  • N's Castle - In N's room
  • Route 13- Surf and Dowsing Machine
  • Gear Station- 48 BP each


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BW2: Route 3, Route 3 (With Dowsing Machine), Route 8 (With Dowsing Machine), Route 12 (With Dowsing Machine), Route 18 (With Dowsing Machine), Dreamyard, Pinwheel Forest (With Dowsing Machine), Castelia City, Castelia City (Sunday - Defeat Seven Trainers on Royal Unova), Moor of Icirrus, Village Bridge, Abundant Shrine, Route 20 (Autumn Only), Route 22, Route 23 (With Dowsing Machine), Virbank City, Relic Passage, Strange House, Seaside Cave, Victory Road B2W2 (With Dowsing Machine), Victory Road B2W2, Nature Preserve
BW: Route 2, Route 3 (With Dowsing Machine), Route 13, Route 16, Pinwheel Forest (With Dowsing Machine), Desert Resort (With Dowsing Machine), Nimbasa City, Mistralton Cave, Chargestone Cave, Twist Mountain (With Dowsing Machine), Icirrus City (Winter Only), Anville Town, Victory Road, Abundant Shrine, Lostlorn Forest, N's Castle, Castelia City Royal Unova Gift


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