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I have found almost all the rare candies in white but I want to know if there's someone who can give you these. Please help

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A Daycare lady will give you Rare Candies when you battle her in the Nimbasa City sport domes.

hey hum i look and there is no daycare lady and there is no sport dome if there is plz be more detail about and more where is this sport dome
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Also, l believe you can get rare candies (though not a reliable source) from the Battle Subway for about 48* BP.

*Thanks Hydreigon.

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It is true
48 bp actaually
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Route 2 (HM Strength)
Route 3 (Dowsing Machine)
Route 13
Route 16
Anville Town
Nimbasa City
Pinwheel Forest (Dowsing Machine)
Desert Resort (Dowsing Machine)
Mistralton Cave
Chargestone Cave
Twist Mountain (Dowsing Machine)
Icirrus City (Winter Only)
Victory Road
Abundant Shrine
Lostlorn Forest (HM Waterfall and Dowsing Machine)
N's Castle
Castelia City Royal Gift

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In anville town you get 5 rare candies as a gift

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where in anvil i only got one from the guy who gets lost and found