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I've had it once. Wanted to know how many times I can get it because its like the best thing in the world. It's where everything is half price and you get two turns at the raffle.

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Promotion? What do you mean?

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If you mean advance a rank, Join Avenue can get the maximum rank of 100.

A shop rank can get the maximum of 10.

I don't know what else you can mean. :P


Hope this helps!

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There are 100 levels in the Join Avenue. During these 100 levels you will gain certain prizes and promotions. There are 13 reputation ranks that function as promotion, they are as following:

  • Fresh Avenue (levels 2-3)
  • Average Avenue (levels 4-7)
  • Decent Avenue (level 8)
  • Famous Avenue (levels 9-19)
  • Great Avenue (levels 20-29)
  • People's Avenue (levels 30-39)
  • Dream Avenue (levels 40-49)
  • Terrific Avenue (levels 50-59)
  • Celebrity Avenue (levels 60-69)
  • Unova's Best Avenue (levels 70-79)
  • Hall Of Fame Avenue (levels 80-89)
  • World's Best Avenue (levels 90-99)
  • Magnificent Avenue (level 100)


In order to get everything for half the price all your shops must reach level 10. When this is done you will be able to get everything for half the price and 2 turns in the raffle for a week. This can be done as much as you want, however you would need to have a new owner for a store each time and get that new shop to level 10 along with all the other stores before this is possible.

I would advice to just open a new shop on an old one and get to level 0

Source: Bulbapedia and experience
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