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I knew it Serena and clement are his companions in the new series can't wait.

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No... not neccesarily :P
>Serena (Japanese: セレナ Serena) is the female player character in Pokémon X and Y. Her male counterpart is Calem.

Serena is the playable character for X/Y.
Only Dawn has appeared from the games as a companion of Ash, so the chances are that Serena probably won't be the travelling companion. She might, but only time will tell.

Since it's holding a Pikachu and stuff it's probably fanart in a video. Since you said it was just a picture too :P. There are alot of examples of fan art on Serena, including several with her + ash.

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Dawn did
okay that's one. :P but nevertheless there are no garuntees.
I saw her holding pikatchu in a video though
link @ charizard?
It could debataeably be fanart. I mean you can google that and get heaps of it probably.
Can't find it anywhere probably deleted I guess so just getting my hopes up
probably lol.
I also did a quick youtube search, couldn't find anything. :L so yeah you probably saw fanart or something
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Well... no.

Most of the people that appears as a game counterpart don't normally appear as an anime counterpart (maybe a manga, but not anime)

Due to how many characters are in the game, and not in the anime there's a good chance Serena won't be in there.

Plus, the X&Y Anime has been announced to be a copy of the Kanto anime, so I don't think so. (Is this just my imagination, or was it actually announced? Either way, I come to the same conclusion)

Hope I helped. :)