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I'm considering on letting it back on my team, or making a second one, and putting it on that one.
It's powerful enough, but it's speed and defenses are what worry me...

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I would say it is not worth it. The reason for this is that it is annoying to level up Tynamo and that it is outclassed by Galvantula. Galvantula's Thunder (which is incredibly accurate due to Compoundeyes) hits harder than Eelektross's Thunderbolt. Add that to it's higher speed, and the fact that you shouldn't be trying to tank hits ingame, and Galvantula is just outright better. Galvantula also has access to STAB Bug Buzz, which is pretty cool. Thunder and Bug Buzz get a neutral hit on all but Golurk and Excadrill. But it can learn Energy Ball, so not even those two are able to resist. This pretty much neutralizes the larger movepool that Eelektross has, making it a non-issue.

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I have a lvl 31 joltik, so...
It depends on the level or Tynamo/Eelektrik/Eelektross. If it's a higher level, then yeah it is worth using over Joltik. If it's the same level, or near enough that training doesn't take much time, Joltik/Galvantula is the better option.
It's level 47
It's up to you then. Galvantula is easily the better Pokemon, there's no question of that. And leveling up is easy thanks to Lucky Egg. It depends on if you want to spend the time, or which have the better IVs/Nature.
I'll train one, then, I might make a mon-electric...
umm you forgot to say that eelektross DOESN'T HAVE ANY FREAKING WEAKNESSES!
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Personally, I love Eelektross, however, I would really only consider using him on a Doubles Trick Room team, since that's an environment that he can really shine in, especially since he can form a DisQuake combo. In Singles play, there is probably better choice for your team, though.

Errr, this is for ingame...
Oops, (hehehe) well, I wouldn't want to use him ingame either. That speed just kills his chances.
Eelektross is actually pretty damn good for an in game team. While it's defenses aren't amazingly high, nor is it's speed, the fact that it has no natural weakness outside of uncommon situations such as Smack Down, Gravity, or Mold Breaker, means it can take a few more hits than most other Electric types. Not to mention it's massive attacking stats with a fun and varied movepool. So in short, it'll do very well. Just be warned that Tynamo is.........let's just say he's a lot like Magikarp....