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Eelektross has the Levitate ability, canceling out its only type weakness, which is the Ground type. If it also had Wonder Guard as a hidden ability, it would theoretically be immune to all but indirect attacks (stat changes) and attacks that don't take the Pokémon's type into account.

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I must admit, you're not the only one who thought about this. Even though, this idea is COOL, it doesn't exist. You cannot have a Pokémon have 2 abilities activate in unison. If you want Eelektross to be immune to Ground, just give it an Air Balloon and the ability Wonderguard.

Please refer to this: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/296492/would-wonder-guard-eelektross-with-air-balloon-invincible
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That's not how hidden abilities work. Hidden abilities are just abilities you get through special methods. You cannot have 2 abilities on a pokemon at once.

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No, there is no way*.

First and foremost, the Eelektross like has no Hidden Ability at all. While this is incredibly uncommon, it is not unheard of. It is usually a result of the Pokemon in question simply having unique mechanics in mind with it's design.

Second, a Pokemon can only have a single Ability at a time. You'd have either Levitate, or Wonder Guard. Not both.

*There are some platforms where you can use hacked Pokemon, with few if any rules, in which case you could achieve this. However, this is not an official format, and requires "breaking the game", so to speak, to exist. As such, I don't view this as a legitimate venue.

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