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No weaknesses due to levitate plus a good moveset and good stat numbers

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A high power STAB attack can make short work of it.

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HAXORUS: one Earthquake + Mold Breaker = dead Eelektross

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Simply change it to a Flying type and you'll have free turn to spend
EELEKTROSS: one Dragon Claw + Focus Sash = dead Haxorus
Wrong, I ran the stat calcs, Eelektross can not OHKO Haxorus with Dragon-claw.
What about Eelektross + Life Orb?
With Life-orb Earthquake will OHKO.
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Rampardos also has Mold Breaker. Dream World Excadrill would work even better! So would Dream World Sawk, and maybe(just maybe) Dream World Druddigon unless it gets OHKOed by dragon claw.

Like speed freak said-haxorus would be the most useful pokemon up for this job.(unless against a trick room team + dragon claw=haxorus' death)
The thing is, if you battle in tiers, which a good amount of people do, you'll probably never see Haxorus and eelektross in the same tier. Rampardos is good for a lower tier counter. Plenty of pokemon are capable of the job of taking him down, not just Haxorus, and not just mold breakers for that matter.
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2)Mold Breaker

3)Worry seed

4)Gastro acid

5)Skill swap*


*Skill swap won't work if your ability is also levitate.

**Mummy works only if he's physical sweeper.

Entrainment works too.
Simple beam as well
teravolt and turboblaze also
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You could have a pokemo n use worry seed on the elektross then use earthquake. That might work.

Worry Seed? That means it can't fall asleep...? How would that help Earthquake?
It changes its Ability to Insomnia.
insomnia works but... it wont fall asleep is suggest entertainment or mold breaker or mummy or hold and iron ball and fling it wont the iron ball thing work? terobolt and turboblaze work good too right? still won problem only reshiram and zekrom know it...     also a pokemon with whirlwind could switch it out and deal with it later...