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Ok so Im going to play the walkthrough on white 2 and I'm useing both Aggron and Eelektross. But I dont know which nature to give them
For Aggron it is either Jolly(+S/-SA), Careful(+SD/-SA), or Adamant(+A/-SA)
and Eelektross either Adamant(+A/-SA) or Jolly(+S/-SA)
Here are the moves:
Aggron: Iron Head, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Dradon Claw
Eelektross: Wild Charge, Crunch, Drain Punch, and Aqua Tail

I didnt know whether or not it was worth trying to raise speed for both of them since they are both 50, or SD for Aggron which is 60.


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Go with Adamant Nature for Aggron, and Adamant for Eelektross as well. Their speed stats aren't worht trying to raise, and in-game it is best to go hyper-offensive in most cases.

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true and thats what i was going for. what about careful for aggron?
You could do Careful, but I suggest Adamant to get that big atk stat as high as you can.
Careful isn't that great for Aggron, becuz his SDef isn't very good to start with, and Adamant gives him a lovely power boost with more chance of KOing his opponents.
i just figured since he is slow he will most likely get hit first, which is why i wanted the extra SD.