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I am going to start a new leaf green game and am unsure what type of nature charmander I should get. Also I don't know which EVs to train in- as I have only ever raised one charizard before and that was my first ever play through so I didn't even know what EVs were!
I know its a long way off but I have a couple of movesets in mind:
Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Earthquake and Flamethrower.
Outrage, Earthquake, Flamethrower and Brickbreak.
I welcome any suggestions to these movesets and any advice on EVs and natures would be great- and if you could explain your reasons that would help because I am quite new to this.
I know there is a charizard moveset thread but there were so many different suggestions I was confused :s
Thank you in advance!


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I'd personally discourage training EVs on an in-game playthrough, but I'll till answer your question. ;)

First off click these links for the Gen 3 learnsets of the Charizard family. I'm not sure whether it matters or not, but switch to the Leaf Green learnset page.

Because the Gen 3 mechanic are so different, the Charizard family learns mostly Special attacks, but nothing much outside of Fire and Dragon.

I suggest if those are the sets you will be using at the top, I'd say either a completely neutral nature for in-game purposes, or if you're gonna use the top use a Mild (+SpA, -Def) or a Rash (+SpA, -SpD) nature with a specially biased EV set of 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe. If you're gonna use the bottom set use either a Hasty (+Spe, - Def) or a Naive (+Spe, -SpD) nature. Use thistime a more split EV spread of maybe 148 Atk / 118 SpA / 252 Spe.

Good luck my friend! :D

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Thanks for the advice! I got a Rash natured charmander and have finished training his speed EVs on rattatas and pidgeys- I also caught a shiny rattata for my troubles! I am waiting until I get to route 5 so I can EV train his SpA on oddishs. I have completely avoided using him in trainer battles so hopefully his EVs won't be messed up.
Thanks to all :)
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Since this is in-game, there's no point in EV training. Natures also barely matter. Everything you do can be compensated by over training.

If you really want a positive nature, go for something like Hasty/ Naive/ Rash for both sets.

I also do not recommend E-Quake on the first set. Get Fly instead, since it'll be a useful in-game move, and get a Ground type on your team to use E-Quake. Also the Sunny Day + Solarbeam combo is best used by something that's a grass type and has Chlorophyll, like Vileplume. By the time Charizard's set up Sunny Day, it's probably taken a hit or two, or been KO'd if you're facing something like Graveler.

As for EV training, I do not recommend you do it until you've beaten the game, simply because it's so difficult in-game when you're either locked into certain locations and therefore unable to get the right EVs. It's also really time consuming, considering you don't have any of Power items yet. Even if you do EV train, you either cannot level up properly because the Pokemon you're fighting with the correct EVs are too weak, or your EVs will be messed up because you have to fight trainers. Just go through the game normally, and maybe transfer your Charizard to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald to give it the EV reducing berries when you've beaten the game, so you can EV train properly.

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This is Leaf Green. Air Slash and Tangrowth aren't here yet.
I thought Tangrowth was in Gen III? It's probably Gen IV then... My memory of Gen III is rubbish.
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EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP



EVs: 252 Spd / 252 ATk / 4 HP