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lets say I have a honchckrow with super luck and scope lens
and this is its moveset:
Focus energy
Night slash
Confuse ray
And I dont have the last move

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No. Focus Energy, Super Luck, Scope Lens, and Night Slash make a +4 ratio for a critical hit, meaning you have a 33.3% chance of landing one.


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3.3.3 is agood chance still right? XD
It's an okay chance.
3.3.3 is a horrible chance. 33.3 is better.
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this is kind of a late answer, but I see you posted it in the generation 6 era, so here goes. it would always land critical because in gen 6 a +4 critical hit stage will always land critical.

+1 from super luck, +1 from scope lens, +2 from focus energy, +1 from night slash. thats actually a +5 critical hit ratio, and thats still a 100%critical hit ratio in generation 6 only.
in gen 5 and below, it is less than 100%, but still as high as youre going to be.

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