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it has 7 add 1 now 8 why does that happen all other Pokemon have up to 3 evoultions not 8 or 7


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I think the Pokedex explains this well

From Black and White: "Because its genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes."

Pretty much all pokedex entries state that Eevee's abnormal genetic code gives it the ability to have far more potential evolutions than average. It is also highly adaptable, befitting of this capability, and in addition has the ability Adaptability.

Basically, Eevee is an abnormal Pokemon genetically whose adaptability allows it to take on many forms

Hope this Helps

Plus, eevee having so many forms is the gimmick.
cluelessponyta i do not get what you just said
Lol. How can you not understand that? xD
because i am 8 that good enogh for you jarjar
well, it's pun you know, eevee means e.v: evolution and eevee's mono name is eon meaning evolution too. So, there's no wonder eevee had so many evolution.