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It has 5 out of 10 on IGN.

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I think this counts as opinionated. One person's worst is another person's favourite.
I changed the title to be a bit less opinionated. We've allowed questions before asking specifically for the reasoning behind certain opinions. Granted, the last time it happened was a little while ago, so we'll see how this fares. I'll allow it for now.
Because lots of people find it boring. That’s why.
Ign are the same folks who said "too much water" and also said that Sword and Shield are easily the best Pokemon games. I wouldn't take their advice if I were you, unless other critics review the game you're looking at similarly.

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The game received generally negative reviews, having an aggregate score of 46/100 on Metacritic, and a score of 49 on GameRankings. IGN's Craig Harris rated the game 5/10 because the player could only play as Pikachu in single player, and could also be finished within hours. GameSpot's Alex Navarro rated the game 5.2/10, stating Dash "is simply one of the laziest uses of the DS's touch screen technology to date". GamePro's Slo Mo rated the game 3.5/5 stating "Dash might not make much of a splash, but it should be a good kid-pleaser." GameSpy's Phil Theobald rated the game 2/5 stating "Gimmicky titles like this may be cute diversions, but they're no substitute for the real deal." Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game 58/100, calling it a "cute and fun little racing game that has a great multiplayer component, but there's simply not enough to it." Nintendo Power rated the game 56/100, stating "Controlling Pikachu with stylus strokes is actually quite fun, but as a racing game, Dash isn't fully realized." Game Informer rated the game 55/100, calling it more of an exercise in anger management than a game. While discussing the mixed quality of Pokémon spin-offs, Retronauts cited Pokémon Dash as an example.


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I might buy it just because it’s bad