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People always said Raichu is ugly, stupid and weak and should be banned and then always say Pikachu is way better - well my Raichu is strong competitively and has saved my team many times. It's cute in Pokemon X/Y, more than in the anime and the past games and no, I don't find it stupid (in my opinion) and no, it can't be banned.
I get it that Pikachu is the mascot Pokemon and all that, but people simply hate on this Pokemon just as much a Flareon according to the people I battled with and my friends. So why should Raichu be hated?

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I've never heard of Raichu being hated, and really I have no problem with him. If anything I like Pikachu less, simply because of all the time you see him on Nintendo advertising...
A lot of new fanboys who are just getting into Pokemon are probably saying these things because they haven't played the games enough to find THEIR favourite Pokemon and at the moment think Pikachu is the best which is probably down to the fact that Pikachu is Nintendo's Mascot and one of two always-main characters in the anime (along with Ash) and so is the only Pokemon they have seen a lot in battle henceforth they like it the most and are saying Raichu is bad as they are in denial that it is better than Pikachu because of nostalgia. **Gasp of Breath**

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People generally don't hate Raichu. Simple as that.

I don't know who you were battling, but from my own experience, people don't hate Raichu. Your guys were probably just exceptions.
What does happen is people simply like Pikachu more. Pikachu is the mascot of the Pokemon Franchise, has been merchandised many times more than every other Pokemon and so on - it's only natural it would be one of the, if not the most popular Pokemon. Not to mention it's the main character along with Ash in the animes. It's also generally considered 'more cute'. Not saying Raichu is bad tho, it's pretty cute too, just general opinion is Pikachu is cuter.

>should be banned and then always say Pikachu is way better

Referring to this, being "banned" has several possible meanings. The most likely one in a competitive scene refers to it being banned from the tier, so basically it gets bumped up another tier. If that's the case, there's a contradiction already there - they say Pikachu is better, but Raichu should be in a higher tier, which is logically for Pokemon which are better?
Just ignore those people.

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well thats what many people said about Raichu
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People hate Raichu because Pikachu's light ball makes it stronger than Raichu and ugliness is personal opinions among many haters.

Banning is really a tier promotion which makes people say it's stupid because they're too dumb to counter it. Raichu's free item slot when compared to Pikachu's light ball makes it better than the over hyped rat too.

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I believe you. The only reason why people say that Pikachu is the strongest is because of Ash's Pikachu from the anime. Ash technically cheated in Indigo League by powering up his Pikachu with Brock's dad (not letting Pikachu leveling up himself). Raichu is after all my favorite of them all and agree that he should not be banned because of Pikachu. People say that you shouldn't evolve your Pikachu right when you get it because it won't learn all of his speed moves. Actually, it doesn't really matter if you evolve it straight away or not. You can use TMs to teach your Raichu those certain moves. There is also an ALOLAN Raichu! How come Nintendo didn't make an Alolan Pikachu if Raichu is sooo hated? Think about it. One more thing, in Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu is the worst. Wanna know why? Because Pikachu cant get past the first gym leader! You need to either glitch the game, or level up a Caterpie or a Weedle to the final evolution! These are my final thoughts. Raichu is the best of the chu family (Basically Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu).

-Alolan Raichu (the user (me))

If Raichu is so weak, how come in the anime, he can defeat challenges so much bigger than it. Ha! Try and think of a good comeback for that Raichu haters.

Try not to answer with information that has already been mentioned.