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Other legendaries like Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion aren't...


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POWER. That's why

Although you are right, the Swords of Justice like the Taoist trio are legendary. However, there is a great difference between their power. The average base stat total for a fully evolved Pokemon is around 490, with the Justice league having base stats total of an above average 580, strong but reasonable. The dragons and other version mascots however have ridiculous totals of around 680, with kyurem white and black at a whopping 700. Basically what you end up with is a Pokemon almost twice as strong as the average Pokemon, making the game far too easy. So, the cane limits you to the "lesser" legendaries like the birds, beasts and cows.

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Cows? What legendaries are cows?
Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion are all based on hoofed mammals, and I am reffering to them when i say cows. I guess I should have said ungulate, but yeah those guys are the cows I mention
Everyone I know says they are deer.
I personally think they are based on stallions, since that is the origin of their name.
I always though that Cobalion was an antelope, more specifically an oryx or maybe an eland, Terrakion was some sort of oxen or similar bovid, and Virizion was perhaps a gazelle-like antelope or maybe a female deer.
I see both of your points... probably one of those, they're more likely than deer, but I thought their name origin was 'lion'.
its probably because of their size.
lol, cow
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They are treated as more powerful than most other Pokemon are.

I thought it was because them Legendaries were too fat, heavy and big to fit in the train. lol
that's another way to put it. Lol
Yeah, this was a question that has been bothering me a lot. You're answer is a lot more sensible +1
Make that an answer bro. It's beautiful
Alright then :3
im gonna punch da game freak companies in da face!
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Because of their power. It wouldn't be a fair fight. Its understandable
if you can use the swords of justice or the flying trio(landorus thundurus and tornadus) but using zekrom reshiram or kyurem would result in winning every time

It wouldn't result in winning every time because other people would use them too. JS.
I'd be scared of that...