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I've been trying out STABmons over the past couple days, and its pretty fun. To those of you who are unaware if the metagame, in STABmons every Pokemon gets every move of their type (Metagross has access to ALL Steel and Psychic moves, Sawsbuck gets all Grass and Normal moves, Politoed gets all water moves, etc.) What this means is that both Thindurus T and Landorus, each superb special attackers, in their own right, recieve STAB hurricane. Which Pokemon do you think is superior at abusing the move in rain in STABmons, and if you think another Pokemon entirely is better at it feel free to say so.

Do you mean Landorus-T, because Regular Landorus is Uber.

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Thundurus-T has access to Thunder as well as Hurricane, and a higher SAtk (145 > 115) whereas Landorus would only get Hurricane. I'm assuming since you're planning on using Hurricane you'll be using Rain, in which case Thunder will work nicely. That and Thundurus-T's ability works really well on a rain team (Volt Absorb)

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I concur with synergy. But does sheer force's power boost even out the power difference?
252+ SpA Life Orb Sheer Force Landorus Hurricane vs. 252 HP / 208 SpD Ferrothorn: 246-290 (69.88 - 82.38%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252+ SpA Life Orb Thundurus-T Hurricane vs. 252 HP / 208 SpD Ferrothorn: 224-265 (63.63 - 75.28%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Hurricane hits harder with Sheer Force + Life Orb, however Thundurus-T is not that far behind in damage and still gets Thunder. Ladorus's Attack is higher and much better to abuse than his SAtk.
Landorus Incarnate is Ubers. Landorus Therian has sucky SAtk so Hurricane is useless.
And in case you hadn't noticed Thundurus Therian gets both Hurricane and Thunder :D
Yay you backed up exactly what I said!!
Uhh... I tried using Landorus incarnate on showdown STABmons. And it let me. So...idk what that's about.
In any case I think the better option is Thundurus, especially since you intend to use it on a rain team.
Very good then I shall do so!
Yes, we shall! Call a gang meeting! We've got a job to pull...