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Hey guys, I'm currently doing my little research before building a good moveset for my brand-new Salamance, and I was wondering whether Rest/Sleep Talk is a good combination. My plan is to have Fly and another attack (Dragon Claw maybe?) on the remaining slots, and since I know Sleep Talk can't choose Fly, it'd only have a 50% chance to really attack (and in the other half of the time, it'd choose Rest, which, to my understanding, does nothing in that case. Am I right?).
Another option is to give it a HP instead of the Sleep Talk, and in that case I can give my Slaking another attack (My Slaking's current set is Strengh, Slack Off, Hyper Beam and Rock Smash).
Of course, if you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it. The issued Pokemon is Salamence.
Thanks ahead guys

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Rest/ Sleep Talk is a good combination for some Pokemon, most notably Snorlax, which has enough Bulk to wall while asleep.

Salamence is not a good Pokemon for this tactic. It doesn't have the defences to be able to take multiple hits while asleep, also considering it has a x4 Ice weakness.

The best tactic for Salamence is to be an all out attacker and just have 4 attacking moves.

+1 for Snorlax.