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Hey, I’m playing ORAS and got an Adamant-natured Flareon as a gift (Flareon has the ability Guts). I was thinking of doing a Rest/Talk setup, but I don’t know what else to do besides that. I’ve invested 252 to its Attack stat, 252 to its Special Defense stat, and 4 on its Speed.

Its stats now stand at:
Attack - 394
Defense - 156
Special Attack - 203
Special Defense - 319
Speed - 167
HP - 271

Please tell me what I should do because I don’t really know. Also, I’m new here so tell me if this post is banned. Thanks!

The reason I didn't put RestTalk in my answer is because it wouldn't flow well with Guts, which is an extremely good ability to have.
What do you want to do with this Flareon? Do you want to battle other players or something?
I’d like to use it competitively as a Special Defense tank. So yeah.
What format? BSS? VGC? Something else?

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Guts raises your attack by 50% when you re poisoned, paralysed or burned.
Toxic Orb is the way to go because fire types cannot be burned, so the flame orb will be useless. Be wary that you get badly poisoned by the toxic orb, but I heard from someone that the first two turns a burn would do more than being badly poisoned. Here is a set for Guts Flareon.

Flareon @ Toxic Orb
Trait: Guts
EV's: 252 Attack 252 Speed/HP
Nature: Adamant
- Protect
- Facade
- Flame Charge/Flare Blitz
- Superpower
Use protect first turn to become Badly Poisoned and not get KOed by a super effective attack. Superpower is for Rock types. Facade has 140 base power when you are poisoned/paralysed/burned and the guts boost makes that move dangerously strong. Flame Charge if you want to go really fast or flare blitz if you want to do tones of damage. Be wary that this set it made by myself so it might suck.

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Thanks. I didn’t realise that Guts didn’t apply to Sleep.
Its an easy mistake to make.