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Once I fought the breeder on the route that takes you to the Desert Resort and Nimbasa City,I used my Poke Dream Radar Dialga and I used Slash,the Marill was a few levels lower than Dialga (Which was level 24 at that time) and it survived!It didn't get down to half!It's confusing.Please respond.

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Marill is a Pokemon with great HP, defense and special defense.
It kind of depends what level your dialga was.

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Alright so Marill - Base 70HP, base 50 Def. Not all that bulky actually
Dialga - Base 120 Atk. Physical Dialga isn't actually too shabby, even in competitive (Check smogon :3).

Anyway back to the reason why you did so little damage. At base 70 power, Slash doesn't exactly measure up as the strongest physical attack ever. Additionally, it also depends on your stats - for example, if your Dialga has low attack IVs/EVs, it's attack stat will be lower, making it do less damage to Marill.

Anyway recheck your Dialga's attack stat. And oh yeah, its nature, as if it has an Attack hindering nature, that reduces it's attack stat by a further 10%, making it even weaker.

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Thanks, next time i'll not take weakish pokemon so lightly
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Marill is a little defensive(but still a little easy to kill). The main reason you really think it's overly defensive is because:

  1. He is a little bulky(but that's not even half the reason)

  2. Your Dialga has Slash... Really? Dialga's a Pokemon that uses Special Attacks (and it's suppose to) not physical attack. In other words it isn't attacking Marill at full power!!

Add those to reasons together and whad ya know you end up with a trainer whose Dialga has difficulty KOing Marills, and believes Marill is very defensive. Sarcasm but partly true.

PS: Replace Slash with Fire Blast or Thunder or Dragon Pulse
Hope that help :)

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Since when has Dialga's Attack Stat been "not supposed to be used"? Slap on an Outrage and you can kill half the game in one hit. Also all your move suggestions on the last line will miss 30% of the time. If you are to suggest any moves for ingame, at least suggest moves which have good PP and reliability as well as power. Marill isn't as defensive as you think, btw.