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In white 2 my team that I have been questioning about setting up is flexible. But many of my choices are weak to ground types.
My list:

Samarott, Lucario, Stoutland, Ampharos, Magnezone, Arcanine

My only strength is my Samarott but I'm still worried

Can you name any compatible moves for my other Pokemon that are super effective on ground types or simply help pull the odds in my favor?
And I do not want to change my choice of Pokemon

I have not yet started my game.



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I think Samurott should be enough tbh. It has the bulk to take almost any Ground type hit and can KO with Waterfall, Surf, or Hydro Pump. But if you want more moves for back up:

  • Lucario: Ice Punch, Hidden Power Ice, Grass, Water
  • Stoutland: Ice Fang
  • Ampharos: Hidden Power Ice, Grass. Water
  • Magnezone: Hidden Power Ice, Grass, Water
  • Arcanine: Solar Beam

Not really many other options, so I would just stick to Samurott.

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Stoutland: surf
Lucario: Ice punch
Magnezone: tri attack
Arcanine: close combat with life orb
Ampharos: Ice punch

Ur welcome
Considering Stoutland's attack, it should have Ice Fang instead of Surf. Surf should be fore Samurott instead. You can give Stoutland Ice Fang by using a Heart Scale on it.
Also, you don't really need two electric types on the same team...
How would one put tri-attack on Magnezone, heart scale as a magneton?
Yes heart scale
Dude, Life Orb in-game isn't worth the effort. Also, STAB moves will be doing more to Ground types than the moves listed on Mag and Arcanine.
Ampharos doesn't have high enough attack to take advantage of Ice Punch. I don't even think it can learn it at all...
Yea I just checked & Ampharos can't learn Ice Punch.