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once you get to route four I recommend you catch Sandile then in the dessert resort there's trapinch. Both which I have on my in-game team in that game.:)
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I can afford to have the double weakness to ground because I have Leavanny and Flaaffy, so I also have double resistance:)
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You could catch roggenrola or driblur around when you beat the 2nd or 3rd gym leader

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Sandile (Which goes to Krokorok then Krookodile) is a pretty decent physical ground/dark Pokemon to use. It can be caught in Desert Resort.
Similarly, in Desert Resort you can catch;
Dwebble (Evolves to Crustle bug/rock) has access to a host of hazards as well as the coveted Shell Smash, which is a great sweeping move in any case.
Trapinch (Vibrava, than Flygon), a pure ground type but becomes a Dragon/Ground type, with excellent all rounding stats and strong attack/speed. An excellent Pokemon to use ingame
Sandshrew (Evolves into Sandslash) is another strong ground physical attacker, with access to Swords Dance

In Relic Passage;
Roggenrola (Evolves to Boldore then Gigalith), a typical rock Pokemon, with great attack and defense as well as decent hp as well as bad Special Attack, Speed and Special Defense. Still nevertheless a good Pokemon, especially against gym leaders like Elesa
Onix (Evolves to Steelix), is a defensive behemoth, and also has decent offensive moves like EdgeQuake.

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These are good offensive and defensive rock and ground types

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Thanks for the replies. I might choose either flygon or krookodile. Thanks for the help