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No, you can have the Starter Pokemon from Gen 1-4 in Gen 5, except if you trading or cheating.

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Or doing Poketransfer. Hope I'm helping you.
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Unfortunately they are not found in-game without hacking or trading. Your choices to get them are:
-Look on the Global Trade Station if you have Wi-Fi connected to your DS system and trade with someone from around the globe

-Transfer with a local friend or from your own SouL Silver/ Heart Gold (Cyndaquil is a starter Pokemon on these games) by transferring it to your White 2 using these simple instructions www.serebii.net/blackwhite/poketransfer.shtml
(it is for Black/White but it is the same for White2 and Black 2)

-Use an Action Replay or other DS cheating device to hack it in (found in locations like Game Stop or Wal-Mart for around 20 US dollars, the cheat code to put in can be found online)

Hope this helps!

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