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For example Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior on level 42. What if I train it on level 45(for example). Will 100lvl Rhyperior(evolved on level 45) has same stats than Rhyperior that has evolved on lvl 42???

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It's a matter of IV and EV. If you clone the Rhyhorn into 2 copies,

The first evolves @ level 42 (habitual way) and become Rhydon, not Rhyperior.
The second evolves later on @ let's say level 70. Rhyhorn may have learn every move it can learn before evolving. You give them Rare Candies until level 100. If since level 1 both of them had candies, then their stats should be equal and the same. If one defeated Patrats, it will have a higher attack.

Rhyhorn evolves into Rhydon @ level 42, then evolves into Rhyperior when traded with a Protector item. No matter how many level it gained.

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