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If you have a level 100 in the front of your party and a lower level pokemon with an exp. share in your party too and you kill someone with your level 100 does the lower level pokemon get all the experience since the level 100 cant get anymore experience or does the lower level pokemon still get half


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The lower level pokemon will just get half! I know this cause I leveled up my Espeon to 100 and I was happy because I thought that I would lvl up my other pokemon really fast but it doesn't work!

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Unfourtunately the pokemon with the exp share will still only get half. My Magmortar is level 100 and I tried to train up my Shaymin with it because I thought he would get soooooo much exp but he still only got 2000 instead of 4000 when I beat the First Elite Four's pokemon.

Hope this helps :)