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I use two (2) Pokemons,
Charizard (equip with power item), and Dragonite (equip with exp share).
Then I go EV traning (massacare Goldeen to get Attack EV).

My first Pokemon was Charizard (power), then without attacking Goldeen, I change to Dragonite (exp).
So my Dragonite (exp) defeat Goldeen.
Char & Drago got EXPs.

What about EV distribution?
1. charizard got 1 EV + bosst from power item. dragonite got 1 EV.
2. Char got 1 EV only, dragonite got 1 EV.
3. Char didnt got anything, Dragonite got 1 EV.

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Here we go: The Pokémon holding a Power Item will get +4 EVs (+8 EVs from 6th gen, if I'm not mistaken). The EXP. Share share the XP received and the base EVs from the battle. So the Pokemon holding the Power Item will receive 5 EVs while the one holding EXP. Share, even if this Pokémon doesn't battle, it'll receive 1 EV. Hope this helps! ^^

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So, if i use char (hold power item) and drago (hold power item) on 1 battle against Goldeen.
Both will get 5 EVs, right?

Thanks for the answer
How do you know this?
If both go into battle, yes. I know from experience... the first Pokemon I tried to train EVs was a Pichu. I intended to raise his level to 20 and then starting to train his EVs. I put the EXP. Share on him and started to level up his level. When I went to train his EV, I realized that he had already received EVs even without battling. Searching, I found that the EXP. Share also shared the base EV. That was sad, but at least it was a lesson... X'D