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To be clear: I have my liding pokemon fainting an opponent which gives 3 sp.atk EVs. I have given to a benched pokemon (which does not battle) the exp.share. Will it get EVs or just Exp.Points?


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Yes they will gain the EVs as long as a Pokemon gains EXP in a battle, it will receive the EVs. Say, for instance, you're EV training Hit Points. You attach your EXP. Share to your level 1 Chansey and begin fighting the Bidoof trainer south of Solaceon Town. Chansey would receive EXP after each Bidoof is defeated, so she will receive 1 EV in HP every time a Bidoof is defeated. After the battle is over, Chansey would have received 5 EVs in HP.

Now, if you attached another EXP. Share to, say, a Machop, both Chansey and Machop would receive 5 EVs in HP after the battle since they both earned experience. If they had the PokeRus, that EXP would be doubled.

Basically, if a Pokemon earns EXP from a battle, it will receive the EVs related to the defeated Pokemon's EV stat.

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yeah bot pokemon get all the EVs,.

Ok, but what if you battle, for example, a sharpedo? Would both pokemon get 2 attack evs?